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Research Reports may be required in final year or graduate level courses and are usually carried out independently, with the aim to generate new knowledge. A research question is developed, justified and embedded in the existing literature on the topic, and the writer demonstrates strong understanding of research methods and an ability to discuss results and their implications.  Research Reports can use topic-specific sections or the standard IMRD (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion) sections. They can be presented as dissertations, long essays or research articles (Nesi & Gardner, 2012, p. 136-138).

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AnnotatedTitle Subject Paper type Level
Anxious-ambivalent individuals and behaviour towards romantic partners during stress
Introduction: Description of relevant attachment dimension and associated thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Description of why conflict/stress is important attachment-relevant situation for people high in anxiety-ambival ...
Psychology Research report Third year
Behaviour modification
Reinforcement strategies for behaviour modification, a personal experiment.
Health Psychology Research report First year
Relapse in pigeons
Replicating and extending existing study concerning pigeon behaviour.
Psychology Research report Second year
Shifting libidinal enclosures
Spatial changes within sex work in Hawke's Bay following the Prostitution Reform Act 2003.
Geography Research report Third year
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