AWA: Academic Writing at Auckland

AWA is a collection of proficient writing by students at the University of Auckland. The papers are searchable by subject, paper type and year level. Comments which explain the structure, style, content and other features of academic writing can also be selected. AWA is an academic writing resource available to students, teachers and researchers of academic writing everywhere.

The types of paper in AWA are broadly based on those in the British Academic Written English (BAWE) corpus, a collection of almost 3000 student texts, developed by Hilary Nesi and Sheena Gardner.  

AWA project lead is Neil Matheson, Senior Tutor in Applied Language Studies and Linguistics, Faculty of Arts. If you wish to contribute to the project, Neil will be happy to hear from you. Or if you would like to submit your own paper for consideration, please use the online submission tool. The AWA website is created by Craig Housley, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education (CLeaR) at the University of Auckland. 

AWA has been made available through funding from a Schuler Educational Enhancement and Development (SEED) grant. 

Students, please note that AWA papers should not be copied and used in your own assignment. This is plagiarism, and will be identified by plagiarism detection software such as turnitin. You could also be accused of cheating if you paraphrased ideas from AWA papers in your own assignment, especially if the AWA assignment question and your own assignment question are similar. Also, while AWA texts have received high marks in university courses, the writing has not been peer reviewed by experts (as academic journal writing has), so they should not be seen as a reliable source of ideas.       

A solution to these problems is to go directly to the sources used in an AWA text, and form your own ideas based on those sources.