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An Analysis Essay critically analyses an object of study (a book extract, art work, film, article, cultural artefact, event, example, situation...) through the lens of broader concepts (theories, themes, values, systems, processes...). It builds and supports a position and argument through this critical analysis and demonstrates understanding of both the object and the broader concepts. 


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'Love and Honor in the Himalayas': Ethnographic analysis
In her book Stranger and Friend: The Way of an Anthropologist, Hortense Powdermaker wrote that "The anthropologist is a human instrument studying other human beings". Consider this statement in the context of Love and Ho ...
Anthropology Analysis essay First year
90-day trial period policy
Choose a current social issue or event in ONE of the following areas: religion, families, work, consumption. Read the chapter on what sociology does and the sociological imagination, and the relevant chapter on your topi ...
Sociology Analysis essay First year
We All Pay Your Benefits as Ideological State Apparatus
Analyse a media product using a sociological perspective
Sociology Analysis essay Third year
A Great Leader's Burden: Balancing Reason and Passion
From the selection of essays and excerpts from works relevant to the historical moment in which the plays on our course are situated... traversing various contemporary social, political and cultural debates... Choose ONE ...
English Analysis essay Third year
Adversity, Alberto, and Cerium
Write an essay analyzing ONE of the passages below the box (like forensic analysis...)
English Analysis essay Second year
Aka and Mundurucú gender equality / inequality comparison
Write a 2500 word essay relating to gender equality and/or inequality through comparing two pre-industrial societies. Make sure your essay has a clear thesis statement.
Anthropology Analysis essay Third year
An Analysis One News and 3 News: The Framing of Christchurch
Compare coverage of a single politics-related issue or event between... 2 reports in same medium. Describe how the political issue or event is communicated in each case, reflecting critically on differences between the t ...
Politics Analysis essay First year
Analysis of cohesive elements
Select a text that you could use in teaching English as a second/foreign language. Analyse the text for elements making it cohesive and coherent. How and why might you use your analysis in teaching?
Language Teaching Analysis essay Honours year (postgraduate)
Analysis of Gucci Handbag Advertisement
1. Choose any cultural text (obvious examples include advertisements, book covers, CD cases, or magazine pages). Provide an analysis of your chosen text using theory that has been covered in the course. You may wish to c ...
Sociology Analysis essay First year
Arab Spring frameworks
Can we think of the Arab Spring movements in terms of ideas of power and obedience/disobedience? If so, why is this a useful framework? Explain, using a relevant theory and examples.
Politics Analysis essay First year
Aristotle on property, government and Plato
Describe and discuss Aristotle's views on the relationship between private property and good government. How are these views related to his critique of Plato?
Politics Analysis essay First year
Auckland street names
Drawing on the two readings and tutorial worksheet, discuss how Auckland street name patterns reflect the different stages of Auckland's expansion.
Geography Analysis essay First year
Brick's sexuality in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Tennessee Williams never clearly answers the questions that circulate around Brick's sexuality. What does Williams achieve by withholding an answer, 'one way or the other'?
English Analysis essay First year
Case study on Market-Oriented Political Advertisements: Barack Obama's 2012 U.S Presidential campaign
Applies Claire Robinson's theory of market orientation in political advertisements to Barack Obama's campaign advertisements for the 2012 presidential election.
Politics Analysis essay Third year
Characterisation and audience participation in Ali: Fear eats the soul
How Bertolt Brecht's new forms of drama were adopted by Rainer Werner Fassbinder in his film "Ali: Fear Eats the Soul".
European Studies Analysis essay Second year
Child poverty in New Zealand
In 2012, the Expert Advisory Group for Child Poverty Solutions produced a report called Solutions to child poverty in New Zealand: Evidence for action which outlined a number of key issues and recommendations. Critically ...
Sociology Analysis essay Third year
Cinematic realism in Citizen Kane
French critic André Bazin who saw Citizen Kane in 1946 argued that its fake newsreel and extensive use of deep focus promoted 'cinematic realism' but subsequent critics have noted that the film seems highly self-consc ...
Media Analysis essay First year
Close analysis of a Hamlet scene
Write a close analysis of Hamlet, 3.iii.73-98
English Analysis essay Second year
Close Analysis of E Tu: Responding to Cultural Change through Music Politics in the 1970s
The 1970s saw significant political, cultural and musical changes in New Zealand society. Discuss how Herbs' 'Whats' Be Happen EP' or Upper Hutt Posse's 'E Tu' was a direct response to what was going on in New Zealand so ...
Music Analysis essay First year
Close reading of My Darling Clementine
An analysis of the film "My Darling Clementine" - themes, significance
Media Analysis essay Third year
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